Kreela is a supporting character in the film. She has an upbeat personality, but is very hesitant to interact with Lucas Nickle in the beginning. She ends up helping her ant colony by defeating the Exterminator, a man who intended on destroying her hive. She is last seen saying "good-bye" to Lucas before he grows back into a normal-sized human.


Kreela has a tough, no nonsense personality around her ant pupa-students. She is very grounded, but becomes soft whenever someone she cares about is hurt. She is a caring ant overall and has a soft spot for Fugax. In the end, she softens up a bit and began a romantic relationship with Fugax.


Kreela is a pretty, toughly built female ant. She has no mandibles like a male ant would and has a long face. She is also very tall and has large lips for a female ant.



Hova - Best Friend.

Zoc - Friend and ally.

Lucas Nickle - Good friend and ally.

Fugax - Boyfriend.


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