Fugax wants to get a pea without touching the leaf, to minimal success.


Kreela and her pupa-students were ready for foraging skills and now Fugax was here for mission from the test time. Kreela tells Fugax for the test of a pea without stepping on the leaf and Fugax shows Kreela to step on balance of a pea, but fails on the leaf. Fugax tries again on the pea but fails on 6 times and Kreela looked at Fugax to give up for him. Kreela tells Fugax to do his mind, and Blue Teammate No. 2 is rolling a leaf and takes the pea is success but Fugax snatches Blue Teammate No. 2 with a pea. Suddenly, Kreela take a stick to tries to take a pea but Fugax is tied up. Kreela takes Blue Teammate No. 2 with a stick and hits Fugax with a pea on his mouth before the episode ends.


Main Characters

Bruce Campbell as Fugax

Regina King as Kreela

Kreela and Fugax's pupa-students

Blue Teammate No. 2

Blue Teammate No. 3

Blue Teammate No. 4

Red Teammate No. 1

Red Teammate No. 2

Red Teammate No. 3