The Queen Ant is a very minor, but a very respected character thought the film. She is the queen of all ants in the ant colony on Lucas' property.


The Queen is a very poised, elegant, and beautiful ant. She has a beautifully-mystical speaking voice. She is almost angelic to the lower class ants in her colony. When Zoc brought the Destroyer to her and her parliament-like colony officials, she sentenced him fairly and showed that she was willing to give Lucas a second chance. She is very forgiving and has a kind personality, which results in her being the most adored female ant in her colony. She also considers ants lower than her (status-wise) to be her children.


The Queen is unlike any ant in her colony. She has glowing, green eyes and a beautiful, almost-angelic look. She is notibily much larger than her ant children, but is still extremely beautiful. She also has a beautiful smile.