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Hova the Nurse Ant

This scene took place just before we saw Zoc for the first time, when he was harvesting fire crystals. The nurse ants are in the nursery catching pupas as they fall out of their eggs which are attached to the ceiling. Hova spends too much time on a single pupa, trying to determine its lot in life, as her supervisor gets bogged down with the backup of newly-hatched pupas. At the end of the scene the pupa Hova holds cracks its neck from side to side and Hova remarks, "You know, you remind me of someone..." We then cut to the fire crystal scene, which as you might recall begins with a shot of Zoc cracking his neck from side to side.

Fred and Doreen Pack

This scene took place just before the one where Noreen (Lucas' mom) found Lucas hiding behind the couch playing Frog Flyers. In the junior novellization, Fred (Lucas' dad) puts a pair of his Bermuda shorts on his head and goofs around - but in this partially-finished scene it's a leopard-print thong. The doorbell rings and Fred (forgetting to take the undies off his head) announces he'll get it, but not before Tiffany manages to snap a picture of him on her camera phone.

Enter the Exterminator

(Continuation of above scene.) At the door is Stan Beals, who's evidently been there before and has returned despite Fred's insistance that they aren't interested in his services. Beals explains that he holds accounts for every house on the block but theirs (in which he uses the interesting phrase "This place sticks out like a dime in a goat's butt").

Attack of the Wasps

This scene evidently used to be part of the one where the wasps attack to steal caterpillars. In here Fugax displays extreme bravery, leaping onto a wasp's back and actually biting off one of its wings, causing it to crash.


This storyboarded scene shows how originally telepathy was going to be one of the ant powers Lucas would obtain by the end of the story. This bit occured at the beginning of the Honeydew Scene. In it, Hova is beginning to explain to Lucas about becoming an ant when Zoc telepathically interrupts her, telling her that ant ways are not for humans. She and Zoc, and then Kreela and Fugax, argue telepathically for a bit, wiggling their antennae, when Lucas (working on his fly exoskeleton glasses) breaks in with an impatient "Hey come on, human present. Talk with your mouths." Hova apologizes to him and Zoc leaves, disgusted.

Shag Carpet

This was originally scripted at the part where Lucas, Hova, Kreela, and Fugax enter the house and are confronted with the forest of shag carpet. Fugax, undaunted, plows into the shag and we hear a lot of muttering and mumbled threats directed at the carpet while the others wait. Finally he re-emerges, dusts off his hands and strolls past them back the way they came declaring, "Okay, let's go home." As the other two ants turn to follow him, Lucas looks up and spies the rose petals.


This lengthy scene was an addition to the hang-gliding scene in the final film. In here, the gang are hang-gliding on the rose petals when they pass over a vase of flowers which make Lucas sneeze, blowing him off-course. He falls into the aquarium and climbs onto his rose petal, only to have it eaten out from under him by several angelfish. They chase him to the bottom of the tank where Lucas takes refuge in the skeleton aquarium ornament before a bubble from the bubble-stone envelops him and takes him up the thermomenter where the bubble breaks and Lucas climbs out, declaring "I gotta remember to feed the fish!"

The Last Wizard

This scene is a flashback to Zoc's childhood, and I'm not positive where it would have been placed had it been used in the final film. Little Zoc, on instructions from an old wizard ant, climbs a flower to gather nectar for a potion while four other students watch (here we get the origin of the line "Impossible? A wizard knows no such word!" - it is uttered by the old wizard when Zoc complains he can't climb the flower). When Zoc reaches the top he spies Stan Beals approaching with his sprayer. A cloud of poison washes over the ground, missing Zoc who's safe on top of the flower. Below, he hears the screams of his master and fellow students as well as dozens of others as they die.


In the original script Fred and Noreen are vacationing in Vegas rather than Puerto Vallarta. Fred and Noreen come out of a live show in Vegas and Fred, who's having a wonderful time, doesn't notice that Noreen seems moody and preoccupied until he looks at a tourist photo they took together earlier. He tells her to go ahead and call Lucas if she's worried about him. Meanwhile Mommo is crouched on her bed examining the carpet with binoculars looking for Tiny Lucas when the phone rings. To avoid stepping on the ground Mommo snags the phone receiver with an umbrella and, assuming its the FBI, starts yelling at them to not hang up on her this time. Noreen interrupts her and asks how the kids are. Putting a plate of sugar on the floor Mommo tells her that they're fine, not abducted by aliens, and not shrunk to the size of ants. Noreen asks to talk to Lucas and Mommo pretends to be him briefly and quickly ends the conversation.


I believe this took place right after Lucas was shown the images of the Ant Mother and the Cloud Breather. An ant (I think its Zoc but its hard to tell as this scene is just in storyboard form) says to the Ant Mother "Mother give me strength" and the scene dissolves into an overhead shot of the shabby Beals-A-Bug office with the Ant-Mother-like fibreglass figure in front of it. Cut to the inside where a fly flies through the smoke-filled room and onto a pile of sugar on a desk. Beals appears out of the gloom and pounces on it, then calls to his secretary Lilith for coffee (who answers back "Sure, Stanley."). Beals holds the fly under a magnifying lamp, removes its wings, and puts them in a cigar box labelled WINGS which is absolutely filled with fly wings. Lilith comes in with the coffee and remarks "Sweet, you caught one." Beals mutters about how alone insects are powerless, but they outnumber humans ten million to one. He picks up some fly wings out of the box, crumbles them up, and puts them in his coffee, calling insects a disease. Lilith counters with the argument that insects are very beneficial creatures before Beals yells at her to stop watching "that darned public television!" Lilith aplogizes and dumps Beals' schedule book in front of him. He looks in it at Lucas Nickle's name and tells "Lucas" not to worry, that he knows how to handle pests.