Zoc is the secondary antagonist-turned-protagonist of the film. He is a powerful sorcerer of an ant colony who happened to live in Lucas Nickle (Peanut the Destroyer) who constantly destroys their colony and in retaliation, he shrinks him. At the end, Zoc becomes friends with Lucas and lives in peace with the rest of the ant colony.


Zoc originally had a strong hatred for the humans, especially towards Lucas. He did however care for his colony. He is a very wise wizard and doesn't believe in the word "impossible". He originally was ignorant towards the human race, but he learned of the goodness in their hearts by seeing how Lucas became a part of the colony. He also earned an unlikely friend in the end.


Zoc is a strong ant wizard, capable of handling himself in a fight. He has a long head with medium-sized mandibles.



Hova - Girlfriend and roommate.

Lucas Nickle - Enemy turned good friend.

Kreela - Friend and ally.

Fugax - Friend and ally.


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